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In the early 1950s there was one final effort  to fight back onto the top of the pen-making heap, although it was a two-pronged approach.  A line of ball-points with a synthetic sapphire ball was brought out in time for Christmas of 1952, and in 1953 a magnificent new fountain pen was offered in the shape of the C/F.   I examine this pen in detail elsewhere , but from its looks and its appeal to convenience it should have been the great thing the company needed.  As it happened, though, production was shut down in the US in 1954, the company itself folded in 1957, and the Waterman name and factories were bought by Bic.  One finds a certain amount of advertising in the mid-1950s for “Waterman-Bic” which includes the C/F, indicating that before the complete spooling down of the company Bic was at least considering keeping it afloat  for a while.   Bic’s own website gives the date of entry to the US as 1958; and ads for some pen distributors show Waterman stock at least as late as 1961.  The absorption of the company by the French ballpoint giant is not, however, the end of the story. We must back up to Waterman’s heyday, when they were a great international power in pens.  In 1926, one of their representatives in France, Jules Fagard, established a plant in that country which was essentially a satellite factory for Waterman, but which had sufficient autonomy to produce some models of its own.  There was even a pre-war experimentation with cartridge filling, based upon glass ampoules (as had been previous experiments by other companies); these proved popular enough to warrant sustained production.  When the parent Waterman toppled in the 1950s, JiF-Waterman was feeling just fine and pressed on with making rather good pens, eventually buying what remained of the original Waterman in Britain and, later, in the US.  As a bit of a side note, it seems that Waterman production in the UK went on until at least the early 1970s.

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Son Of Celluloid - Retro DestinySon Of Celluloid - Retro DestinySon Of Celluloid - Retro DestinySon Of Celluloid - Retro Destiny