Big hair - dougie at the ockie

This costume may inspire your daughter to take a stand on bullying, start her own Youtube channel, or throw a big party with all her besties because when you're dressed up as Jojo it's impossible not to feel like a social butterfly. Also, don't be surprised if she starts practicing her dance routines passionately. It's going to take a lot of hard work if she's going to appear on the next season of Dance Moms !       

A theme in the series is Doug's alternate comic book personality, Quailman . He has a belt worn around his head, and clean briefs over his pants, but is otherwise identical to Doug. Skeeter has an analogous character named the Silver Skeeter (a parody of Marvel's Silver Surfer).

It's from Sergio Hudson's AW16 collection, and although it's not currently available to buy online, see our top maxi dresses picks below to steal her style.

Do different rules apply to house fighters? I must ask (in my best GGG impersonation) “Are you serious?” Is this a serious question? I thought you’ve followed boxing for a while, Philip. You should know that the answer is YES! Of course, house fighters are treated with more leniency from the referee (and given more than the benefit of the doubt by the official judges). That’s why they’re called the HOUSE fighter. I haven’t seen the Gervonta Davis-Francisco Fonseca fight, but I’ve heard that he behaved like a dirty d__k and I’m not surprised that referee Russell Mora let him get away with his antics. Mora is infamous for allowing Abner Mares (who was the house fighter against defending IBF bantamweight titleholder Joseph Agbeko) get away with COUNTLESS low and borderline blows during their first fight in August 2011.

Big Hair - Dougie At The OckieBig Hair - Dougie At The OckieBig Hair - Dougie At The OckieBig Hair - Dougie At The Ockie