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In the traditional office, the Te Deum is sung at the end of Matins on all days when the Gloria is said at Mass; those days are all Sundays outside Advent , Septuagesima , Lent , and Passiontide ; on all feasts (except the Triduum ) and on all ferias during Eastertide . Before the 1961 reforms of Pope John XXIII , neither the Gloria nor the Te Deum were said on the feast of the Holy Innocents , unless it fell on Sunday, as they were martyred before the death of Christ and therefore could not immediately attain the beatific vision . [2] A plenary indulgence is granted, under the usual conditions, to those who recite it in public on New Year's Eve . [3]

AN, ANNO – used to point out the year of issue of the coin or the year of reign of the Governor. : anno MDXXI – 152, anno XII – 12 th year of reigning.

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