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Esoterica landscapes 7 - hokmah nistarah

At 4th level and every even-numbered level thereafter (6th, 8th, and so on), a psychic can choose to learn a single new spell in place of one she already knows. In effect, the psychic loses the old spell in exchange for the new one.

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Traditional stories handed down by the ancient Romans themselves explain the earliest history of their city in terms of legend and myth . The most familiar of these myths, and perhaps the most famous of all Roman myths , is the story of Romulus and Remus , the twins who were suckled by a she-wolf . [16] They decided to build a city, but after an argument, Romulus killed his brother and the city took his name. According to the Roman annalists , this happened on 21 April 753 BC. [24] This legend had to be reconciled with a dual tradition, set earlier in time, that had the Trojan refugee Aeneas escape to Italy and found the line of Romans through his son Iulus , the namesake of the Julio-Claudian dynasty . [25] This was accomplished by the Roman poet Virgil in the first century BC.

On the flower-strewn meadow, with leafy branches
rustling overhead, the goat-herd sleeps,
his faithful dog beside him.

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Probably the most extraordinary of the great man’s exploits came on a visit to Lord Harcourt, the Archbishop of York, at Nuneham Courtenay, just outside Oxford. Shown what was claimed to be the heart of Louis XVI, preserved in a silver casket (Harcourt was a collector of esoterica), Buckland immediately gobbled the fleshy artifact down, unable to resist the opportunity to chow down on the heart of a king.

“Everything you want a bookstore to be really; crowded, quiet and scented with that wonderful smell that says great ideas have been captured in pages that are stored here.”

Esoterica Landscapes 7 - Hokmah NistarahEsoterica Landscapes 7 - Hokmah NistarahEsoterica Landscapes 7 - Hokmah NistarahEsoterica Landscapes 7 - Hokmah Nistarah