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Project 122 - bus stop (electric slide)

Coordinated by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), this experimental project allows the trial application of design elements to a real setting and showcases how bus stops can be re-imagined as social spaces. Imagination, creative design and technology are integrated to enhance the ubiquitous bus stop as a social space, as well as the commuting experience. Project Bus Stop was implemented through a multi-agency collaboration comprising the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, LTA, National Environment Agency, National Library Board, National Parks Board, Singapore Land Authority and the URA.

At first glance, Rethink’s bus-shelter advertisement for Vancouver’s Science World seems rather ordinary: a white background with a large orange circle and Science World’s blue logo. There is also a button labeled “Press here and we’ll explain”; observers who comply are “sneezed” on by the advertisement, a realistic effect created with sound and a spritz of water at face level, often causing observers to jump back in surprise and disgust. A recorded voice then relays an interesting fact about the physics of sneezing and urges a visit to Science World to learn more. Rethink’s concept for the campaign was a unique presentation of facts in order to pique interest in the museum; the result is an interactive product that brings urban infrastructure to life, adding humor and the unexpected to an activity as routine as waiting for the bus.

Project 122 - Bus Stop (Electric Slide)Project 122 - Bus Stop (Electric Slide)Project 122 - Bus Stop (Electric Slide)Project 122 - Bus Stop (Electric Slide)