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KTLA, Channel 5 in the Los Angeles area, came to The Junkyard Cafe to do a bit for their Burrous Bites show.  This guy received recommendations from viewers via email and then goes out to check the place out.  Here is a link to the clip from when he visited The Junkyard: Burrous Bites The Junkyard Cafe

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When a group of Autobots first crash-landed on the planet of Junk , Junkyard, Scrapheap, and Wreck-Gar assumed the intruders had come about to steal their garbage. They rolled out some Junk Guns to deal with the trespassers, but never got a chance to use them; more Transformers showed up in short order and attacked the previous arrivals. These Decepticons took off after snatching away some bauble from the Autobots, and the Junkions once more readied themselves to attack. Then, a third group of Transformers landed, these ones carrying " tasty sticks " and speaking the universal greeting . The Junkions accepted the Autobots' peace-offerings, fixed up one of their members who had gotten himself scrapped, and joined them in an attack on the planet-devouring Unicron . Unicron was defeated and the Junkions were thereafter allies to the Autobots. The Final Battle!

Junkyard - JunkyardJunkyard - JunkyardJunkyard - JunkyardJunkyard - Junkyard