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[Verse one]
In my red dice ice cream jeans don't try me
They only compliment the style of this rhymin' dude
I'm designing a new way to move weight
That don't involve no coke, just my music
After my due date, Dues Paid, Tuesday, crews say Lucky even bumps in they hooptie
I'm a new day, y'all some old news
Your girls a groupie, didn't know how to choose
Or didn't have a choice, I use a better voice
A better song selection an antidote to makin' noise
I'm into breakin' toys, y'all into fakin' poise
Confidence, not convinced, don't believe your boys
Just keep on bookin' tours, perform for empty floors
Sell a couple thousand records, press a thousand more
Impress a couple hundred fans so you can make 'em yours
It's like the Making Of The Band up in this underworld

I'm not complaining, I'm explaining what you shouldn't do
Just because you have ambition doesn't make it true
True indeed, feed of this get inspired
Then inquire what you lack, take my spot when I retire
Rap, rap
Rap your little rapper hearts out
Emo to thug hop, ain't no fast routes
Big labels find it hard to make money
How you think you 'bout to blow off this underground dummy?

[Verse Two]
If you was ready I would sign you
Or Rhymesayers might even get behind you
Send your CD to Definitive Jux
And if they find your shit inventive then consider it luck
It's the 10th year anniversary of my bunch
But I'm thinkin' "Damn, my rents due at the end of the month"
Who wants to hunt slash haggle adventure, callin' up stores?
Bothering the buyers, tryin' to make 'em pick up more
Or maybe hit the studio or rig another tour
With the average independents, just a couple of more
Man, the fans are so finicky with who they adore
And your Myspace music ain't a foot in the door
I'm an exceptional professional pessimist
Plenty people got bad taste so there's a chance for your success in this
So keep pressin' it
Or quit messin' with the over saturation in the scene peep the evidence

[Interlude] [Excerpt from the motion picture Half Baked]
Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. You're cool. Fuck you I'm out!

[Excerpt from the motion picture Spaceballs]
How many assholes we got on this ship anyhow?
I knew it. I'm surrounded by assholes


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Luckyiam.PSC - The Collectors ItemLuckyiam.PSC - The Collectors ItemLuckyiam.PSC - The Collectors ItemLuckyiam.PSC - The Collectors Item