The zombies - the best of the zombies

Altogether, Zombies consists of twenty-three maps; the first , second , fourth , fifth , seventh , nineteenth , and twentieth feature Nazi Zombies, while the third and twenty-first features Imperial Japanese Army , the sixth features American civilians, military and scientists, the eighth features Soviet scientists, cosmonauts and military, the ninth features Siberian sailors and divers, the tenth features Himalayan civilians, the eleventh features Astronauts and American military, the twelfth features various American civilians, the thirteenth map features Russian Spetsnaz and American Zombies of various afflictions, including zombies wearing hazmat suits, the fourteenth features Chinese civilian and military Zombies, the fifteenth features American prisoners and guards, the sixteenth features Western barmaids, prospectors and cowboys in a continentally-shifted Angola, the seventeenth features WWI era German soldiers, Crusaders and Medieval Templars in occupied France, the eighteenth features 1940s American civilians and the twenty-second features Red Army soldiers and the twenty-third features varied zombies from past maps including Nacht der Untoten, Origins and Shadows of Evil.

The Zombies - The Best Of The ZombiesThe Zombies - The Best Of The ZombiesThe Zombies - The Best Of The ZombiesThe Zombies - The Best Of The Zombies