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Kari hansa & gregers hes - guds fred

In 1967 the writer of psalms and priest, Olaf Hillestad (1923 - 1974), founded Forum Experimentale, an organization that promised in its statutes to: “boldly work for a renewal in service life, church music and church art.” Hillestad acquired premises in Bogstadveien 49c, which served both as a chapel and youth club where young Christians could worship their God with poetry recitals, art, acid rock and theatre. That same year the Teenage Singing revolution came to Norway. Kjell Grønner was hired as a youth priest in the Bergen YMCA in 1965 and quickly reasoned that something had to be done in order to get the youth to attend church. Inspired by the American Christian show Up With People! he started Norway's first Ten Sing choir. Finally, young people came to the churches and thoroughly refurbished Norwegian psalms with rock'n'roll, beats, jazz and protest singing. A few years later the Jesus movement swept over Norway, a Christian 68-revolt that grew strongly during the 1970s. This led to the rise of Norwegian fractions like Ung Visjon (Young Vision), Jesu Glede (Jesus' Joy) and the collective Guds Fred (The Peace of God) which all used music in a very active manner to spread the gospel.

Kari Hansa & Gregers Hes - Guds FredKari Hansa & Gregers Hes - Guds FredKari Hansa & Gregers Hes - Guds FredKari Hansa & Gregers Hes - Guds Fred